About us

We are super happy you are here reading this story as it is our very personal one. It is about who we are, why we chose to found our own company and how we try to protect this part of the sumatran rainforest.


How it began

Riski is born and raised in Sumatra. with his roots in Bukit Lawang he feels specially bounded to the rainforest, the wildlife and the people there. He works as a guide in the Gunung Leuser National Park already since 4 years. He started as a porter, then he became cooking assistant,  cook and after a long time of being the assistant guide he finally got his license and is approved by the Indonesian Tourist Guide Association (ITGA _ HPI). He loves most to see the reaction of visitors when they see their first Orangutan. "It is a very special moment for everyone when you see the humans of the forest.", as he says about it. He is the founder, manager & head guide of Sumatra Vibes. 

The second person behind Sumatra Vibes is Peggy. She is a Communication Manager from Germany, organizing everything around Social Media & Email. That means if you get in touch with us you will mostly speak with her. She is a mindful person, loves veggie food and wants to pet almost every animal.

We met each other in 2017 in Bukit Lawang after Peggy already fell in love with Sumatra, we fell in love with each other. He liked her wild heart and she fell in love with his voice and the dedication for his job.

We wanted to become part of the Less-Waste Movement

After many years of operating trekking tours for other companies Riski wanted to change something in his life. He had a dream about how the treks should be like. In 2018 he had his first own guest who contacted him because of recommendations from their friends who knew Riski from former treks. He found out that he is great in organizing treks, handling guests needs and loved to be able to chose how it should be done. Because of his relationship to Peggy he learned a lot about environmental issues, about the vegetarian lifestyle and after a while he wanted to adapt it towards a sustainable trekking company.

The last two years we have been traveling to Malaysia, Indonesia (from North to West Sumatra, Lombok,Java) and even lived one year in Bali. Peggy got a scholarship to study the Indonesian Language at the Politeknik Negeri Bali and we used the chance to live together, improve their knowledge and of course to enjoy the island lifestyle. Riski worked for an ecological Surf Retreat in Kedungu Beach near Canggu, so he gained knowledge about environmental friendly tourism and how to provide service while making less waste. In their free time they watched documentations and read articles about ecological tourism. Oh, and of course we went surfing, watched as many sunsets as possible, explored the island on a scooter, swam in waterfalls and went to balinese ceremonies. What a great time!

It was a great time to life our freedom, but we have seen many negative things as well - the big plastic problem our world is facing, climate change, wrong behavior in the rainforest & mistreated animals. It made us wish to be able to actively change something. To have an impact in our small radar.
Then we finally had the idea - we take our wish how our world should look like and combine it with the things we already work in - offering trekking tours to see Sumatras amazing nature & wildlife but in a sustainable & ethical way.
That is how we founded SUMATRA VIBES Trek & Travel.

We absolutely love our jungle and we want to protect all its animals and plants. Protect it from wrong behavior of visitors, from becoming palm oil plantations and from the overwhelming plastic pollution.

So join us on a sustainable jungle trekking or an eco-conscious tour and help us having a positive impact on this world! let's make it greener, happier and better together for everyone!


We are already happy to meet you and welcome you as our guest.

Whatsapp: +62 823 6331 6800

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