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Eco Travel Tips

As we are writing the year 2019 and our planet is facing huge problems like climate change and a overwhelming plastic pollution we think it is urgent to make some changes towards a more sustainable behavior .

Here we give you our favorite tips for a more sustainable travel experience.

  1. Try to avoid flying on short distances
    Check your possibilities: can you maybe take public transport (bus or train) or share a private car instead of using the airplane (especially for short distances).

  2. Travel light and just bring what you really need

  3. Use natural, solid shampoo, soap & dental taps as it is so much better for the nature and you can bring it in your hand luggage

  4. For smokers: bring a portable ashtray. Throwing cigarette butts into the nature is a no-go!

  5. Bring your own, reusable water bottle & refill it as often as possible. 

  6. Bring reusable cutlery & a small box for food-to-go

  7. Say no to straws - you can purchase bamboo & stainless steel straws here in Bukit Lawang. They are a great way to produce less waste and a way better souvenir than you might think

  8. Share your transport

    1. If you book a private car with us and wish to share it with someone please inform us & we will try to find people arriving on the same time as you do.

    2. There are plenty facebook groups for any travel destination. Just ask people there if they want to share a ride. If you find someone it saves money for you and is better for mother nature.

  9. Your clothes break during traveling? In asia no problem! Visit one of many tailors and let them fix it for you. Its cheaper than buying new, great for nature, you support a local business and you don't lose a piece full of memories. 

  10. Donate to great projects in local communities to support awareness, education and nature protection. (e.g. here at Project Wings | Website in german - if you wish we show you this project and you can directly donate to the manager of the programm)

  11. Be creative! Try to find a way to be more conscious. You don't need to do it perfectly, any step is very welcome.

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