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Four Days

price : 250 €

This 4-day jungle observation trek gives you a unique opportunity to experience real life in the dense tropical rainforest. You will go rather deep into the jungle, staying overnight in different camps in the Gunung Leuser National Park at the Jambur Batu and the Bohorok River. While hiking up and down the hills and crossing small rivers you will have a great chance to spot a huge variety of wildlife – animals such as wild orangutans, gibbons, Thomas leaf monkeys, Sumatran Great Argus, pigtail macaques, flying squirrels and hornbills. And if you lucky you will see Sumatran elephants or even foot prints of Sumatran tigers. You will also acquire traditional jungle survival techniques. For this tour you need to be really fit and healthy to trek in hot and humid climate for several hours each day.

Tour description

Day 1


After breakfast, your guide will pick you up at your guesthouse around 9:00 am. 


You will walk down the river, then go uphill and cross rubber plantations in the way to the entrance of the Gunung Leuser National Park.

Once you have entered the jungle, you should have some chance to spot semi-wild Sumatran Orangutans if you're lucky. Indeed, some of them are really used to see humans as these short treks are really famous. You will have time to observe them swinging in the trees and taking care of their babies ! You will remember this amazing scenery forever.  


Afterwards, you will keep trekking through the rainforest and stop for a yummy snack of tropical fruits. Then you will hike up again and walk for about one more hour and enjoy unforgettable viewpoints overlooking the whole valley of the Bohorok River and the Gunung Leuser National Park on the background.



After a jungle lunch, continue your trek through the jungle to your overnight campsite and keep discovering other amazing wildlife such as Long Tail Macaques, Pig Tail Macaques, Thomas Leaf Monkeys and Monitor Lizard! 


Around 4:00 pm you will arrive at your campsite near a waterfall or at the riverside. It's time for you to chill out & enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Take a swim to refresh yourself while our guides will prepare the camp and cook your dinner made of curry, rice, and other yummy local food. After dinner you can relax, chat or play cards games with your guides around a bonfire.



Enjoy a goodnight of sleep under our jungle tent, protected by a large bamboo frame covered with a plastic sheet, and fall asleep with the sounds of the jungle!


Day 2

Wake up the next morning after this amazing overnight experience and enjoy the homemade breakfast in the middle of the rainforest.  


After breakfast, keep trekking for around 3 hours and keep an eye out for other wildlife.



Enjoy your lunch surrounded by the rainforest and its jungle sounds. Afterwards, take another 3 hours walk to go to your second campsite. Relax and take a refreshing swim in the river or in the waterfall (according to your campsite).



Take your traditional dinner around the bomb fire while listening to the amazing jungle stories of your guide. 

Get some rest to be ready for your next and last trekking day. 

Day 3

The next morning, you feel like a real jungle adventurer after this second night in the rainforest. Enjoy your last homemade breakfast at the campsite to be full of energy.



After breakfast, we give you the choice to stay chill a bit at the campsite or to keep trekking for 3 to 5 more hours. Keep trekking is an unique opportunity to see the 8 species of monkeys that are hidding in the Gunung Leuser National Park : the Sumatran Orangutan, the Long Tail Macaques, the Pig Tail Macaques, the Thomas Leaf Monkeys, the Silver Leaf Monkeys but also the more rare to see White-handed Gibbons, Siamangs and Slow Loris. But you might also have the chance to meet the Great Argus or the Hornbill birds!



After lunch, walk to a new campsite, relax and swim in the river. 


After your dinner around the campfire, you can either go sleep or we can organize a night trekking of a few hours to spot nocturnal species ! You will get more chance to see some of them than during the day. 

Day 4


After breakfast, we adapt our trek distance and time but also the activities according to your wishes.


After your last lunch in the jungle, end your trek with a refreshing and fun experience : the "jungle taxi" will bring you back to Bukit Lawang by a traditional tubing ride along the Bohorok River! Then, your guide will bring you back to your guesthouse. 

  • Tour includes : breakfast at our guesthouse (tea/coffee & plain or banana pancake/scramble eggs/tomato cheese omelette), all permits (national park & guide association), certified English speaking guide, assistant guide, tropical fruit snack, lunch x4 (nasi goreng), tea & coffee, homemade dinner x3, fresh water (from boiled water) homemade breakfast x3, camping equipment (tent, mattress, sleeping bag, mosquito net), tubing (oversize rubber rings), rafting captain, rafting equipment/porter.

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