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How to book with us

1. Send us an e-mail to hello@sumatravibes.com. If you still have any questions we will be happy to answer all of them. If you're ready to book choose the kind of trekking, tour or package you would like to join and tell us the dates on which you plan to book.

2. We ask you to make a deposit of 25% (until 4 weeks before planned arrival) or 50% (4-2 weeks before planned arrival). With this deposit we can ensure you that your chosen dates are blocked for you and our staff are available for you. 

3. After we received your booking mail we will send you an email of the amount to pay & more information about your booked trek/tour/package. You will have 14 days to pay the deposit. Only after we received your payment we can send you a final booking confirmation.

4. You pay the rest of the amount in cash to us or your guide the day you arrive in Bukit Lawang. Please bring it in the indonesian currency IDR .

Deposit and refund policy

Deposit via paypal, transferwise or Bank Transfer
You can choose to make the deposit via PayPal, Transferwise or Bank Transfer. Our favorite is Transferwise as it has the cheapest fees and is very easy to handle for every person & you do not need to have a credit card. We will send you an e-mail how to pay with each option and you can choose by yourself. Please tell us when you have made the payment so we can check its arrival.

If you have any reason why you want to cancel our booking it is fine for us, just send us an e-Mail and we will send you a confirmation of your cancelation. For our refund policy check below.


You can reschedule your trip (date, tour packages, and more) with a maximum of 30 days before arrival. Additional fees only apply if you upgrade your booking.

Please understand that we are not able to do refunds if you cancel less than 30 days ahead of your booked date. If you cancel earlier send us an e-mail and we will find a solution that is acceptable for both sides.

Please note that we have this regulation to be able to cover the trek & tour booking cancelation and the compensation of the salary of our guides/staff, booked equipment or car/driver reservation.

Insurance policy

1. Sumatra Vibes Trek & Travel does not provide any kind of insurance. Please consider an international or travel health insurance from your home country. Our guides will do their best that nothing happens to you while trekking, but even the bravest jungle explorer can get a smaller or bigger scratch or catch a tropical desease. We just want to make sure that IF this happens you are able to go get the best treatment no matter what. 

2. We are not liable for any damages or injuries suffered in consequence of anything, howsoever caused, in connection with services carried out by us, third parties or arising from the use of accommodation or transportation or other service, or for labour strike, political unrest, weather conditions or natural disasters which are beyond our control.