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Kopie von Kopie von Poster Jungle Rules.

Why this is so important

We want to protect the jungle and all its inhabitants. The sumatran rainforest ist already threatened by deforestation, poaching and global warming. To make the most positive impact we can we only work with guides, that respect and love the jungle as much as we do, but a guide can just be as good as his guests following him.

  1. Why should you always keep distance?​​

Keeping distance is so important and has two main reasons.

  • Wild animals are not predictable. Especially Orangutans are super strong and could easily break your bones. That is why we want to make sure you will be safe. In case one of the semi-wild orangutans of Bukit Lawang is coming close our touches you, please stay calm and follow the instructions of your guides.

  • Bukit Lawang is not a zoo! For Orangutans it can become dangerous really fast, as we share 96,5% of our DNA with them so it's easy to spread illness from human to apes and vice versa. Please inform us if you are sick. 

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