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How to get to Bukit lawang


How to get to Bukit Lawang from Medan Airport

Public  Bus

Cheap and authentic experience

Price:                     ca. 50k IDR/PAX

Duration:           ca. 5 HOURS

Comfort:            LOW COMFORT



It leaves between 08:00 and 16:00 in each direction from Kuala Namu Airport Medan or Medan Pinang Baris Station.

From Kuala Namu Airport

1. Take the orange ALS bus (Antar Lintas Sumatera) to Binjai (a city between Medan and Bukit Lawang).
It should cost around 40.000IDR.

2. Change the bus station with a local tuk-tuk for around 10.000 rp. Just tell the driver you want to go to Bukit Lawang and he wil know where to drop you.

3. Take another minibus signed 'BUKIT LAWANG' until the end station. It shold be around 25.000 IDR. 

4. Let us pick you up and bring you to your guesthouse.
(There will be a lot people waiting at the bus station which can be overwhelming. )

Tourist Bus



The tourist bus leaves around 8:30 am everyday in each direction from Kuala Namu Airport to Bukit Lawang and vice versa.

From Kuala Namu Airport

1. Book the tourist bus with us for your desired date.

2. Make sure your flight arrives before 8:30 am. Please send us your arrival time, the flight number, your names and where you're flying from.

3. Arrive at the airport & leave the security area.

4. The driver of the tourist bus will be waiting for you with your name on a sign.

5. We will pick you up when you arrive in Bukit Lawang.

Low budget, better comfort & great for solo travelers

Price:                    ca. 200K IDR / PAX

Duration:          ca. 4 HOURS

Comfort:           MEDIUM COMFORT

Private Car

Fast, comfortable and great for more than 3+ people



You can be picked up anytime from anywhere in Medan, just book upfront.

From Kuala Namu Airport

  1. Book the transport with us via mail or whatsapp.

  2. Tell us your arrival date, time, airline and flightnumber.

  3. The driver will wait you in the arrival hall with your name on a sign.

  4. He will bring you to Bukit Lawang safe, fast and with as many breaks as you want.

You want to stop for a short sightseeing or to have some lunch on the way? No problem. The private car is the most flexible and comfortable way to get to Bukit Lawang.

Price:                     600k IDR / CAR

Duration:           ca. 3-4 HOURS

Comfort:            HIGH COMFORT

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