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Five Days

Price : 320€

This 5 days trekking tour is for  real jungle adventurer! Go deep into the Gunung Leuser National Park and experience the less beaten paths. This tour is specially for everyone who want’s to have a chance to see wild elephants and who is in a good condition for a long trek.



Days 1 + 2 same as on the 3 Day Trek

Day 3
You start same as on a 3 day trek but take a different way and after the lunch break you go about 3 hours along the Landak River until Uning. There is a good chance for experiencing wildlife, as there is a drinking waterhole of wild animals. You will be camping in a safe distance to the waterhole but close enough to increase your chance of spotting wildlife. This night your guides will build up your tents under the free sky. What a true adventure!

Day 4
This day will be exhausting again. You will have to go steep up and down the hill many times, crossing different kind of jungle paths (small river, muddy places, wild plants) until you reach the area where wild elephants are sometimes spotted.There is no guarantee that you will see any elephants, but former guests were lucky enough to spot one elephant drinking. With the experience of our guides and a big portion of luck you will be hopefully as lucky as them!

Day 5

Good news for your possibly tired body: no more walking again. After a delicious Breakfast, some swimming and preparing you will be rafting back to Bukit Lawang about 2 - 2,5 hours down the Bahorok River. 


Includes : all permits (national park & guide association), qualified guide, qualified assistant guide, fresh fruit snacks, lunch x5, tea or coffee, dinner x4 water refill (from boiled water), breakfast x4, camping equipment (tent, mattress, sleeping bag), tubing (oversize rubber rings), rafting captain, rafting equipment/porter

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