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Two Day

Price : 130 €

Our most chosen tour - sleep one night in the jungle



We start after breakfast at your accommodation, where your guides will pick you up. When you arrive at the jungle entrance you get a instruction from your guide how to behave while trekking. After entering you will soon be able to spot some semi-wild orangutans, monkeys and hopefully other wildlife. Your guide will tell you a lot about everything you want to know (e.g.medical plants, orangutans, history of this part of the National Park).  

After about one hour we will take a rest break for some refreshing fruit-snack before we continue. The we will continue hiking up again to a breathtaking viewpoints overlooking the whole valley the Gunung Leuser National Park. Around this place will be the second break for a simple but yummy lunch before we continue our way to the campsite.

Around 4 pm we will arrive at the jungle camp either inside the jungle or at the riverside. Now you have time to relax, sunbath, swim and drink some coffee or tea. Your guides will prepare the camp and cook your yummy vegetarian dinner (local indonesian food). After dinner it’s up to you if you want to go sleep or join your guides for some magical jungle games and singing together around the bomb fire.

One bottle of beer can be provided if ordered upfront/ Cost: 50.000 IDR/Bottle)

Finally fall asleep in your tent (2 person/tent) while listening to the sound of the jungle by night.



Wake up to the sound of the awakening jungle. Your guides will provide you a delicious breakfast and you can enjoy your time at the river, in the waterfall or continue trekking for about 2 more hours. After a small lunch you will return back to Bukit Lawang by rafting.


all permits (national park & guide association), qualified guide, qualified assistant guide, fresh fruit snack, lunch x2, tea or coffee, dinner, water refill (from boiled water), breakfast, camping equipment (tent, mattress, sleeping bag, i.a. mosquito net), tubing (oversize rubber rings), rafting captain, rafting equipment/porter

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